Use the Internet for a Mortgage?

Should you use the Internet to get a reverse mortgage?

Starburst DontThe internet is great for finding out general information. We all use it often, but my recommendation is that you do not use the Internet ALONE for getting a reverse mortgage or any type of financial product. You should meet and know the person you are trusting to guide you with one of the most important assets you have, your home. Even if you use the calculator and fill in a form on my website, an in person appointment is the way I prefer work. I get to know my clients, so I understand their financial situation. Then I will be able to be sure they have the right reverse mortgage.

There are many websites and TV commercials with wonderful promises to entice you. They will have you fill out a form on line to see how much money you may get. You call, and they give you their sales pitch. Then they send you forms, have you send them copies of your important documents, and finally they send a notary to guarantee your signature on important documents that affect the title to your home and are filed with the County.

Calling room 3You never see a professional in person. You just talk to clerks over the phone. They are going to SELL you on what makes them the most, not what is best for you. After all they are just a voice on the phone. You don’t even know if they are giving you their real name. Do you believe that is best way to deal with your most important asset, your home? Or should you know the person with whom you are dealing?

Whatever “Discounts,” “Savings,” or “Lender Credits” the Internet and ad hucksters claim, I have those same reduced costs, the real ones, that is.

The most important reason to have a no cost or obligation, in-person, private appointment with me is to make sure that you get the right reverse mortgage for your situation, or to determine if you even need one. Many people get the wrong program and find that their home equity is being reduced needlesslyall because someone “sold” them on the internet or over the phone.

I have been in the lending and financial field since 1975, with extensive experience in Financial Planning and Investment Brokerage; I currently hold Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Lending licenses.

charles2 transparent copyMy promise is to leave my clients in a better situation than when I first met them.

That way they will refer their friends to me, and I can sleep well at night.

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