Technology for Home Care and Easier Independent Living

Providing Assessment, Adaptation, Installation and Instruction

Cheerful senior woman and man using digital tablet on bench at the parkUse of technology for aging in place may be as simple as using your smart phone and computer, or it may be as multifaceted as having in home care and medical monitoring connecting you with doctors, nurses, caregivers and distant family members. The proper use of evolving technologies continues to make our lives safer, happier and gives us more independent than ever before.

My clients are individuals or couples who are planning to live an independent life in the comfort of their own home. Often my client is the adult children who want to make sure that mom or dad is doing well living on their own.

paperwork-570As an Aging In Place Specialist, the first thing I do is assess where you are now. Together we review your goals, lifestyle preferences, financial and family situations, health and ability, and what you would like for your future. Then I address the issues and help you formulate a plan for a sustainable, secure, and self-determined life. Part of that plan is the proper use of the various technologies available to make your life easier and happier. I help you implement the use of the best technology with the installation and training necessary to make you comfortable.

Some areas to highlight:

Socialization –

Tech Video Chat 2Family members may be across town or across the country. The separation does not need to cause isolation of the parent or grandparent. Technology can easily keep all the family involved with each other as if they were just next door.

Games onlineFriends may have moved away, but they don’t have to be out of communication. Simple to use technology can maintain rewarding relationships forever. Even bridge, Mahjongg, and other games can be played on a regular basis with your friends who are separated by thousands of miles, sharing comments, laughs and fun. Life becomes more rewarding and fulfilled.

Health and Ability –

There is a constant flow of new technology products that are designed to help people live a more independent life in their own home as they age. It could be as simple as a way to find your keys to a complete medical monitoring system. Here are some examples:

senior-man and daughterAble to Stay empowers seniors and the disabled to stay in their own homes and out of institutionalized living through the innovative application of simple, easy-to-use technologies. BeClose tracks daily routines using discreet wireless sensors placed around the home. Customers of AbleTo Stay and their families benefit from BeClose, a non-invasive monitoring system that not only notifies caretakers in emergencies, but also helps prevent emergencies by memorizing a loved one’s daily routines and searching for potentially harmful changes or inconsistencies.

SafeCareSafeCare Technologies has monitoring that adapts to your life and lifestyle. Alerts: Imperium will send automatically updates and alerts to your chosen family members or caregiver, allowing them to have peace of mind that you are OK. Sensors placed around the home can monitor your breathing, movement, the heat in the home. It is up to you to set the level of access you want your family members to have to the system. Their notification can come via text or email. Entertainment: You will be able to have complete control over your TV, stereo and other entertainment devices around your home without even needing to be home or in the same room. Access control/security: You can have control over who enters your home by opening and closing doors automatically. You can also control your curtains, blinds and windows. Your doors can also be remotely locked and unlocked. Energy: Using this one system you can control how warm your home is, when the heating comes on and when the hot water turns on.

Here are five companies in various stages of starting up from the 2014 mHealth Summit:

Pulse fingerLGTMedical. LGTmedical produces low-cost, mobile health solutions for global healthcare markets. The Kenek Core™ universal audio-based interface connects standard medical sensors to mobile devices, providing accurate and affordable vital signs monitoring – for everyone, everywhere. Applications and medical sensors using Kenek Core connectivity have been developed for SpO2, blood pressure, and temperature. 

LifeAssist. Marketed as OnStar for people and disguised as a classically-styled watch, LifeAssist provides discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering. With an easy-to-use speech interface, our patent-pending technology combines cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS to provide an active medical alert that works anywhere, along with data-driven artificial intelligence that learns the wearer’s lifestyle. Unlike traditional medical alert products, LifeAssist works wherever you are, 24×7.

FallSwiftAlarm. “SwiftAlarm!© helps the elderly survive emergencies by getting them help faster.  It offers a system and device that gives the elderly their freedom by constantly tracking their movements and health conditions remotely. Currently Personal Emergency Response (PERS) require expensive subscriptions to call centers. This system turns current models upside down. It requires no hardware setup, only the download of a software to a smartphone.” Learn more at

Swissmed Mobile. “The idea behind our solution is to use the smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Windows, Blood pressureBlackberry supported) as a gateway for transmitting vital signs from sensors to healthcare systems. MedM Platform supports more than 100 sensors by 20+ device manufacturers including blood pressure, blood glucose, ECG, oxygen saturation, weight, spirometry, heart rate, temperature, motion, and fetal monitoring. MedM platform has a CE mark as a PDMS without direct diagnosis, FDA MDDS is pending.” Learn more at

Couple worried 4Vimty. “Our mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their age or their health, has a platform to voice their medical wishes. Depending on the complexity of your health status and personal choice, a detailed advanced directive is needed. Vimty created a convenient and secure way for our younger and healthier citizens to record their medical wishes. Simply log in with Facebook and proceed through our easy to follow instructions. Connect with one of our experts who will design a plan with you and have it e-notarized.” Learn more at