Accessibility Modifications and Remodeling

Revitalize Your Home and Make it Accessible

Layout 1As a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) my goal is to make your HOUSE a HOME for a lifetime, even if your needs and abilities change over time.

For home modifications that can help you live more comfortably and safely AARP  recommends:

“The Person to Reach: A Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. Planning modifications and making changes to your home that can help you continue living there comfortably and safely — those are the provinces of Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (or CAPS).”

Home Access Examp_edited-1The Home and Ability Evaluation

The process begins with an understanding of your current and future ability needs and a survey of your home to understand what changes are needed to accommodate your mobility and ease of use. Often this will involve an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Caregivers, and/or your Medical Practitioners. There are safety, access, and aesthetic factors to combine to make your home appealing while still providing comfort and independence.

The Design and Modification Recommendations

Upgrade bathroom 2This is where the budget considerations come into play. With limited funds we must decide what must be done quickly and what can be done in the future as needs develop. The project can be as simple as some simple ramps for entrance and exit and bars in the bathroom for safety. Or you can remodel the bathroom with no-step shower, new kitchen cabinets and counters for wheelchair access, landscaping with beautiful designed ramping walkways and gardens built for easy access. There are stair-chairs for two-story homes that allow you to stay in your current home. All of these options and more are presented for consideration, and a plan is agreed upon that fits your budget.

Installation of Accessibility Equipment and/or Home Modification Remodeling

I have a team of  licensed contractors and landscapers who are experienced and stand behind their work. It is Contractor license boardimportant to have the right kind of builders and installers for the type of product, remodeling, or landscaping that needs to be done. Building permits may be needed when structural work like widening doorways or removing walls and when plumbing and electrical work is to be done. Your life may depend on this work being done correctly, so the people doing it must be expert at their trade.

Couple Happy hug aGet an Appointment of a Free Initial Consultation

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Beautiful Independent Living during the Second Half of Life





Making your home accessible for independent living can also be beautiful. 





Palm Desert - Transitional - Living Room - los angeles - by Denise Foley Design Inc


With the proper design and planning you can be proud of your home. Enjoy having friends over for intimate evenings, dinner parties, or major events like birthdays and receptions.








With the right interior design and appliances designed for ease of access you can be more independent.

handicap-accessible b











Accessible bathroom 2


Your bathroom could look like this.







And this …Accessible Bathroom







Remodel Bathroom 7





It doesn’t have to look like this.



stair lift 1

You don’t need to move from your comfortable two story home is if you have a stair lift. Practical, beautiful design and a lot less expensive than moving.



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