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Find out how to get great discounts on the River Boat Cruise Line that is Ranked #1 by Condé Nast Traveler®.
Learn how to get FREE TRIPS with the leader in Small Group Adventure Travel – Overseas Adventure Travel.


Venice ItalyMy wife, Ruth, and I have traveled with this company many times and always had a great experience – The OAT Experience. Their in-country guides are friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. The accommodations are comfortable.The trips take you off the beaten path so you can participate in everyday life of your destination, get to know the culture and the people, and have the most extraordinary and rewarding travel experiences. Another reason OAT is the leader in “Small Group travel on the Road Less Traveled” is that there are never more than 10 to 16 people on the adventure trips. And something that is important to us, the company gives back to the countries they visit by funding schools, orphanages, and other community projects to help the people who live there.

Now I am in a position to get super discounts for my clients and friends. No catch, nothing to buy. Just get a few of your friends together for a short review of the spectacular trips and river cruises. No one has to buy anything and you earn a significant travel discount just for hosting the travel party. Your guests get a discount on future travel for attending. If later they decide to book a trip or riverboat cruise, you earn even more – up to a Free Trip. My friends have told me that this is “the best travel reward system in the industry.”

Some Interesting Statistics About the Travelers

97% say they would travel with the company again

60% are female

35% have worked in education

30% travel solo – meaning you’re likely to meet at least one other solo traveler on your trip

FREE Single Supplements on most all trips – no extra cost for traveling solo

This is just something that I do for fun because I love to travel. So let me know if you want to learn more. It’s always fun to have a party. And if you can do that while earning travel discounts or even a FREE TRIP (or you can have CASH instead if you want) it is a real Win-Win-Win-Win.

WIN – You get travel discounts or a free trip or cash.

WIN – Your friends get a travel discount.

WIN – The company gets their message out to more people.

WIN – And I can get a free trip eventually too.

Just call or use the contact form at the right and I will go over the wonderful & exciting program.  310-616-6965

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